Donor Walls and Recognition Awards DONE RIGHT:

MD Designs by Metal Decor is proud to be the oldest and most experienced company in the donor wall recognition industry.  The years of experience has put us at the top of the industry in creative, functional donor recognition display walls.  We offer the widest variety of component and base materials from Corian, acrylic, glass, graphics, laminates, custom wood working to our signature etched solid metal all the way up to our digital interactive donor recognition display monitors.  Our quality recognition displays and recognition awards are produced in our 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in Springfield, Illinois.  By producing 95% of all donor wall display components within our own facility, we have total control over quality and production lead times.

From the first meeting to the dedication ceremony and beyond, our mission is simple: we listen to your needs, share our knowledge and create the donor wall or recognition award your program requires.

Our unparalleled experience in the healthcare, education and nonprofit donor fields help us understand your exact requirements and craft a solution that reflects the unique qualities of your donor base and key constituents. Then, our sales and design teams work in collaboration with you to translate your program goals and challenges into a superior donor recognition display wall or recognition award that reflects your organization's values and your campaign's mission.

Other companies may say they know donor wall and award recognition, but there's no substitution for experience. With 50 years as the nation's largest donor wall and award recognition producer, our dedicated production, sales, and support staff know what it takes to best reflect your organization's values and your campaign's mission.

Recognition done right

Donor Walls and Recognition Awards DONE RIGHT: MD Designs by Metal Decor Mission Statement:

It is our goal to provide our clients with a custom creative donor recognition display wall or recognition award that inspires philanthropy, aesthetically fits their facility, accommodates their donor programs and is manufactured with the highest quality lasting products.

Quality Assurance With All of Our Donor Wall Displays and Recognition Awards:

Our tradition for providing quality materials and superior craftsmanship is only the start of our commitment to meeting your donor recognition wall or recognition award needs. From the first meeting to months and years after the project is complete, everyone at MD Designs has only one goal in mind: to design, install and support the perfect donor wall, hall of fame or recognition award that communicates your message, provides the flexibility and permanence you need and withstands the test of time.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our donor walls and recognition displays, view our portfolio, which contains several examples of our donor recognition walls and recognition awards, and learn more about our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Together, we can build a donor wall or recognition award to exactly what you need to celebrate and foster success.

Digital Interactive Donor Recognition:

When you need to recognize individuals or partners that are important to your organization a recognition display can be the perfect way to accomplish the task. An digital interactive donor wall is a great way to interactively tell a story by showcasing generous donors, corporate partners, employees, and outstanding athletes. By leveraging digital technology you can provide a state-of-the-art atmosphere and update your information in real-time. At MD Designs we provide the highest quality interactive donor recognition display walls in the industry. Click here to find out how MD Designs can make your donor wall a digital interactive donor wall. To see examples of Digital Interactive Donor Wall Displays that MD Designs has done please view our portfolio.